Student Entrepreneurs Help Personalize the Learning Experience

Testify Software Solutions is an ed tech company committed to personalized learning. Its motto “For students, By students” rings true since the core team is made up of four high school seniors, two from River Hill High School and two from Franklin High School in Baltimore County. Here marketing officer and HCPSS student Quinn Kelly describes Testify’s startup journey, so far and going forward.

As students who received our education from public school systems, we noticed two juxtaposing traits in our schools. On one hand there is so much potential for many students to succeed, but on the other hand, there are many obstacles to engage every student fully. We decided to take our talents and skills to find a real solution to the issue of disengagement in the classroom, and out of our frustrations, came a company called Testify Software Solutions.

Allow us to introduce ourselves: Femi Adebogun, CEO; Zack Tasker, COO; Druvesh Patel, CFO; and myself Quinn Kelly, marketing officer. Druvesh’s and my time at River Hill High School has truly allowed us to be in a competitive environment that pushed us to believe we could accomplish anything as long as we were determined and ready to put in the work.

With Testify’s MindMap app, we’re able to understand students’ personality traits, career interests and unique learning styles through a 15-minute game students play on their phones. This data is then easily accessible through an online platform, called the MindMap dashboard, which helps allow teachers and administrators to understand each individual student and the traits of their overall class. We believe that with MindMap implemented into our school systems, we can better remove the obstacles that impeded us on our quest through public education.

Now that the development of MindMap is nearing completion, we are ready to take our mission one step forward. We are beginning to test and prove that our program MindMap can help teachers make better student connections and better help each individual student on their road to success.

We’ve made so much progress since we started Testify one year ago that our company was selected as one of the top 50 companies, out of thousands globally, to present at the Startup Grind Global Exhibition sponsored by Google. We hope to make the most of this amazing opportunity by getting investors there to believe in our team at Testify, and help us maximize success for students in school and in life.

To learn more about Testify or get in touch, you can email us at or check out our website at

HCPSS encourages its students to develop their entrepreneurial skills through the accounting, marketing and finance Career and Technology Education academies; the Future Business Leaders of America, DECA and Blue Ocean Entrepreneurship Competition co-curricular programs; and partnerships with Junior Achievement of Central Maryland and more.