What T4T Means to Me and My Family

Picture of Kory WillamsKory Williams, a 2016 graduate of Reservoir High School, is part of the first cohort of Teachers for Tomorrow (T4T) scholarship winners. While at Reservoir, Williams was a champion sprinter and hurdler, and taught sports fundamentals to youth through the Howard County Recreation and Parks department. Here he blogs about why T4T is such an incredible opportunity for him and his family.

In March, 10 students and I signed our contracts completing the process of obtaining our T4T scholarships. This scholarship was a great opportunity for me to help not only kids in the future obtain knowledge in the class but also my mom. How does it help my mom? It helps by relieving the financial burden of her having to single-handedly put another one of her children through
college. That is not the only reason I wanted to receive this scholarship though. Another big reason was in the 12 years I was in school, I never had one African-American male teacher in the classroom with me. I have had African-American males in the school that helped to mentor me but never had one in the classroom, and I wish to change that.

What I’m excited about with this scholarship is being able to receive a free education with a guaranteed job when I leave school. The bigger reason is to be able to follow my passion of teaching others and helping them increase their knowledge. Throughout high school I helped tutor my sister and cousins, and I loved helping them improve their grades in a variety of subjects. While tutoring them, I wanted to do it more and more each time, and this scholarship gives me the opportunity to do so.

Why McDaniel? Other than receiving the scholarship, McDaniel is close to home and with my brother and me both at school, it’s only my mom and my sisters left back home. So with me being close, I can come back home whenever my mom or sisters need me. Also McDaniel is a small private school. With it being small, I can focus on my books and classes more, and with it being private, it means that it is prestigious. Finally McDaniel’s teaching and science programs are well known and with a biology major and education minor, it helps with receiving my degree.