Learning French Through Lunch

Thomas enjoying pizza in Syracuse, Italy.

Thomas enjoying pizza in Syracuse, Italy.

Thomas Regnante is a junior at Centennial High School and an award winning food blogger. He is the co-founder, with his brother Charles, of the 2 Dudes Who Love Food blog. For over four and a half years, Thomas has written restaurant reviews, created how-to-cook videos and participated in food philanthropy. In 2014, Baltimore Magazine recognized 2 Dudes Who Love Food as the Best Food Blog. In this post, Thomas discusses a visit to the Petit Louis Bistro restaurant in connection to Ms. Doff’s French class and world language experiences at school.

Arranged by my high school French teacher Madame Doff, Petit Louis welcomed my French class for a 3-course lunch to introduce us to French cuisine. During the course of two days, Petit Louis served lunch to over 200 French students from Centennial High School. It was a fantastic experience!

At Petit Louis, my classmates and I were given an opportunity to use French outside of the classroom. My friends and I were able to apply what we learned in French class to speak in French to the waiters. Having this experience made me and my friends excited to know that we could use our knowledge in the real world. I was able to say what I wanted to eat and drink in French, and the waiters comprehended what I was saying. Although we speak in French class all the time, it felt nice knowing that I could use French outside the classroom in the community.

As a food blogger, I know the importance of the culinary arts. That’s why it was so cool to realize how intertwined and connected the cuisine of a country is to that of a country’s language and culture. This realization is especially crucial considering that students aren’t just learning about the language in a world language class, but also about the culture, cuisine and atmosphere that the language is spoken in. So it is essential that students have a better understanding of the French cuisine to improve their French linguistic skills and learn more about French culture.

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