Brooke at the beach

Unwinding and Catching Waves This Summer

Picture of BrookeGuest blogger Brooke Webster just completed 5th grade at Longfellow Elementary School and is looking forward to starting Harper’s Choice Middle School in the fall. She is a dedicated and accomplished student who knows how to have fun, enjoying many activities such as reading, writing, singing, performing, and softball. She shares how she takes a step back and relaxes during the summer months.

Ahh…summertime…time to kick back and relax…who DOESN’T enjoy this time of year? I know I do, and in fact, what I like most about summer is the ability to relax and sleep in.  No stress about waking up early, you can go at your own pace. It’s very leisurely. You always get a good night’s sleep in summer, no matter what. I love relaxing!

Although keeping it low-key may be my favorite part of summer, there are a bunch of activities I enjoy doing during this glorious time. These include softball, singing, acting (musical theatre), summer camps, day trips with my family, and traveling.

As a matter of fact, my family and I just got back from the beach. We went to Long Beach Island, New Jersey to visit my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. My brother and I have boogie boards, so we spent a lot of time riding waves in the ocean. However, we were on a close watch not only for good riding waves, but for sharks as well—they terrify me. Once I got over my fear of sharks (which actually took a couple days!), I didn’t want to ever get out of the water.

When you’re boogie boarding, it feels like you’re flying…ON WATER! Sometimes, it’s really hard to find a good wave to ride. You really have to time it perfectly—right when the wave cracks and starts to turn white and foamy. If you time it just right, the wave will take you all the way to shore! That has happened to me before, and it is the most amazing feeling.

We are going to Ocean City, Maryland in a couple of weeks, and I can’t wait to ride the waves again—a true highlight of summertime! I suppose I’ll have to get over my fear of sharks all over again. In the meantime, I plan to read, sleep in, and just relax. Happy summer, everyone!